Female Fashion At Fifty+

As we grow older it often feels as though the choice of clothes we wear becomes increasingly limited, but why should our wardrobe choice be more limited just because we are older?

In truth we may not want to wear the same clothes as when we were younger such as flimsy dresses to crop tops (some of the clothes teenagers wear today look more like underwear!).  But why isn’t there more choice for us.

Interestingly Nayna McIntosh founded a clothing brand at the age of 52 which caters for mature women who feel they have not been considered by high street retailers.  Trendy fashion for mature women is a growth market as designers realise that just because we get older it doens’t mean we don’t want to wear fashionable clothes.

Nayna McIntosh has a range of clothes that help women feel more youthful and confident.  We really like what we see!

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