Make Up Could Make You Look Older

Did you know your makeup could be making you look older? This doesn’t mean you should stop wearing makeup all together, just that you may benefit from following some simple hints and tips. Mistakes that make us look older are easily avoidable with advice and practice.

Luckily there are plenty of  tips out there helping us avoid us looking older by wearing makeup.  For example using glittery eyeshadow could be enhancing any wrinkles so it might be time to ditch the glitters for everyday use and go for neutral mattes which are the perfect shades for a mature everyday eyeshadow look.

Another top tip is finding the perfect foundation for you skin. Many brands ranging from Avon to Estee Lauder take into consideration mature skin and price ranges vary making it more available for anyone. have listed 15 ways you could be making yourself look older than you want and they have given advice on how to prevent this happening, if you would like to read these tips click here.

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