Is there pressure to look young?

Recently a new trend has emerged among over 50s. More and more people are looking to undergo surgery or treatments in order to stay looking younger, according to a study by The Sun. Whether this be with Botox injections or going under the knife one quarter of over 50s asked have gone through these procedures.

The Sun believes that this is the case due to pressure from other people to look good and stay looking younger. This pressure does not affect all over 50s though with many people who were asked saying that they feel “ten years younger mentally” and four years physically.

Do you feel that it is necessary to undergo surgery in order to look younger? There are many other ways to make sure that your youthful glow doesn’t deteriorate. It is far easier and cheaper to do things such as change diet and exercise more regularly in order to make sure that you stay looking and more importantly feeling better as well.


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