Unlocking Lost Assets

How IntelliTeq Is Helping People Find Lost Money 

In a world where financial assets can easily slip through the cracks, IntelliTeq emerges as a beacon, dedicated to simplifying the process of locating and recovering lost money for its members. With a vision of creating a community empowered by technology, IntelliTeq aims to foster financial engagement, fairness, and clarity, ensuring that individuals receive all the value due to them.

A Dual Focus: Locating Lost Assets and Empowering Members

IntelliTeq’s mission revolves around two central objectives:

i) Locating and Recovering Lost Assets: Utilising modern technology seamlessly integrated with a network of financial institutions, IntelliTeq acts as a hub, a one-stop-shop for finding and recovering assets that may have become “lost in the system.” Through a cloud-based state-of-the-art platform named “Gretel,” IntelliTeq provides real-time searching capabilities and up-to-the-minute information about unclaimed financial assets.

ii) Empowering Members: IntelliTeq goes beyond recovery by empowering its members to take charge of their financial lives. The platform’s ecosystem connects members with products and services, facilitating ongoing engagement with their assets and offering options to make the most of their money.

The Gretel Platform: A Revolutionary Interface

IntelliTeq’s Gretel platform stands as a testament to innovation and user-centric design. This cloud-based platform brings together digital partners in a highly secure and effective manner. It simplifies the registration process, guiding members through the claiming process for entitlements across multiple financial sectors. The platform’s interface offers a revolutionary experience, combining innovative identity management, credit and data sources, and third-party financial services.

A History of Expertise: Founders with a Vision

The founders of IntelliTeq bring a wealth of experience in dormant assets and technology industries. Their commitment to enhancing the customer experience led to the creation of a platform that not only simplifies but also expedites the process of locating and recovering dormant assets. The platform addresses challenges such as inactive accounts, gone-away shareholders, dormant pensions, unclaimed assets, and general “missing” investors.

Revolutionising Asset Recovery: Breaking Down Barriers

Traditionally, services to locate individuals for repatriating dormant assets have operated on a “consumer pays” basis. However, IntelliTeq disrupts this norm by connecting directly with financial institutions, breaking down barriers to provide a comprehensive and straightforward process for locating and recovering unclaimed assets. Critical to their ethos is the belief that members should receive the full value due to them without having to pay to reclaim their money. Membership to the IntelliTeq platform is entirely free.

Government Initiatives: Pensions Dashboard

As the government introduces the Pensions Dashboard, IntelliTeq aligns with this effort to provide individuals with clear and simple information about their pension savings, including the State Pension. The platform’s commitment to financial clarity extends beyond its services, dovetailing with broader initiatives to empower individuals with a consolidated view of their financial landscape.

In the intricate realm of finance, IntelliTeq stands as a guiding force, illuminating the path towards lost assets recovery and financial empowerment. With a commitment to simplicity, transparency, and member-centric services, IntelliTeq paves the way for a community where every individual receives their rightful financial entitlements.

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