New WhatsApp is able to stop fake news

WhatsApp has been trying to get a stop to false news for many years now. As part of the company’s continuing crackdown on fake news, WhatsApp will soon be able to warn users about forwarded fake messages that will be circulating. At current date, a lot of WhatsApp blog sites are reporting in-app notifications that tell users if a message has been forwarded many times. The warning notices appear to arrive when you have received spam. Also when WhatsApp notices you are about to forward a dodgy message.

According to the blog reports, a message has a lifespan of 25 forwards until it prompts the warning alert. This situation has got many people asking about what they will do when they need to send messages to lots of people at one go. Well, the best solution to that is using WhatsApp’s Broadcast List feature. This feature lets you send a message to a large group of contacts at the same time. If you are a fan of slots and want to send to your friends, rather write on your status so that they check it out.

The major benefit of this is that the Broadcast List doesn’t work for spammers due to the fact that only people in your contact list will get your broadcast message. A point worth noting is that WhatsApp doesn’t appear to block a message forwarded more than 25 times. With this, it seems as if you will still be able to mass forward content at least for now. But just for now because it is clear that the developers of WhatsApp are trying to bring spamming on the platform to an end.

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