Where are the older models?

Fashion is such a diverse industry, with constant changes in style and color but now in the models that they use. You may remember seeing problems with the lack of plus sized models used in the fashion industry. This is an ongoing problem that is still a hot topic and is yet to be solved with a similar issue with older models.

Brands recently had given up with advertising to the older generations and focused on using tall skinny girls and strapping young men as their models. Where are the older models? Luckily older models are appearing more and more often now. With recent triumphs in Australia as Christie Brinkley ended up on the cover of Sports Illustrated, a popular read ‘down under’.

Had you noticed that there was a lack of over 50s models in the media recently? Many people had not noticed as it was normal. For around the past 15 years there has been very few models in the industry. Lets hope these few triumphs are the spark of over 50s modeling! If you would like to read more on this  topic follow this link.

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