Fighting retirement stereotypes

We found it interesting to read in the Sunday Express that Baby-boomers are uniting and fighting the stereotype that the retired lifestyle has to be boring and slow. They are proving to over 50s across the UK that there is no need to slow down as your age goes up. There is all the more reason to get up and go and oh boy are us over 50s proving it.

We are pushing back stereotypes and any ‘rules’ set by past generations on how we can live as over 50s. Living however we want to with no limits, doing whatever we want whenever we want. With control over more than 75% of the UK’s wealth, baby boomers are one of the wealthiest and largest generations within the UK.

We cannot afford to sit back and have a boring lifestyle simply because we are retired. We can afford to do whatever we want and whatever will make us happy whether that be travelling abroad or buying the flash car you’ve always dreamt of owning. Don’t hold back, enjoy your life. Follow this link if you wish to learn more about this trend.

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