Is the social media killing interaction?


Huffpost have recently released study data showing that social media may be the reason that neighbourhoods are not as close knit as say 30 years ago. It used to be the case that everyone knew everyone but now people are rarely even close with their next door neighbours.

The study results show that social media may be the cause of this, it is usually more common amongst young people but the study showed that people over the age of 50 are nearly or just as bad. With 60% of those surveyed saying they would not feel comfortable asking their neighbour for a cup of sugar.

56 percent of over 50s would say they feel lonely in their neighbourhood/community. This is a staggering number and hopefully this will change drastically very soon. Do you feel like you use social media too much? If so you may be alienating yourself from those around you. Try and make the change to real conversation, any loneliness will disappear.

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