Things to consider when jetting off

When packing to travel, you need to start off with making sure your clothes suit the climates of your
destination. Although it seems so obvious, it is a critical step to making sure you don’t over pack and
use your suitcase space to its maximum capacity. An easy and quick way to do this is to look up the
weather forecast on the internet.

After deciding on the type of clothing you need to pack, it is very helpful to lay your clothes out on a
flat surface and separate them into sections such as tops, trousers, underwear and jumpers. The
reason this is so helpful is because you can make sure you are packing versatile and multipurpose. If
you pack 1 top that can go with three different bottoms, this gives you choice and flexibility along
with saving space. Once you have seen which pieces of clothing are the most versatile, you can take
out the pieces that aren’t useful and you may even realise you need to add certain pieces of

Next, you need to make sure you have a checklist and that it has all been ticked off. Vital things to
include on any checklist are the following:
1. Something to wear in the rain
2. A torch
3. Socks, underwear
4. Toiletries
5. Medication

A top tip is to always pack accessories. Belts, sunglasses and bags are a necessity to anyone and will
always come in handy even if not expected.
When packing a suitcase or any bag, try to lay your clothes flat instead of folding the clothes. It saves

In addition, you can put small items such as socks, perfume bottles and tooth brushes down
the side of the suitcase between the gaps in the clothes.
Being well organised and methodical with your packing will help save space and will make sure you
are fully prepared for your trip ahead.

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