We Reap What We Sow!

It’s that time of year when we start to hear the leaves getting crunchier and see the mornings getting crisper, we will all be feeling the need to start wrapping up a bit more.

Well, there are things we need to be doing in the garden in preparation for wrapping that up for the winter too.  Depending on what type of garden you have will depend on how much work there is still to do.

Those of us with ornamental gardens will be sitting back and relaxing with not a great deal to do. Meanwhile those of us with fruit trees, vegetable patches or ponds will be keeping busy, some of which will be reaping the rewards of the harvest from these.

This is the perfect time to be planting bulbs ready for next spring, something to look forward to with the bursts of colour from the early spring flowers. You can also collect seeds for next summer’s planting too.

The RHS website has a short video you can watch with advice on how best to do this.  Follow this link for the video and this months top 10 garden tips.

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