Online & Looking For Love

Recent research revealed there are almost a million over 50s looking to find love online, but many lack the confidence to get back out there, or feel out of touch with the modern rules of dating.

At we’re always interested in anything that can help our readers, so if you’re one one of the million over 50s looking for love then read on!

Debrett’s, an organisation known for being an authority on social etiquette, has offered a number of hints and tips that can help you find love online.  Some of the key areas they provide insights include:

  • How to polish your profile
  • How to communicate with confidence
  • How to plan a memorable meeting
  • How to fine-tune your follow-up
  • How to go forth to the future

To download the full Debrett’s and Ourtime Guide to 50+ Dating, packed with tips and advice for daters over 50, click here.

We hope you find the guide interesting and would love to know if it helps you find love!  Perhaps you can even invite us to the wedding!

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