Officially Spring Has Sprung In The Garden

It may not have felt like it, but last week Spring officially arrived!

We have all endured the ‘beast from the east’, some worse than others, but we all had temperatures plummeting wherever we live.   This weather will have kept us all indoors wishing we could be outdoors getting our gardens prepped for the year ahead.

Over the next couple of weeks it should really start to feel more springlike, with more frequent sunny days providing us with more opportunity to get out into the garden and get those jobs up to date.

RHS have again given us the advice we need to ensure we are doing the right jobs at the right time.  Follow their Top 10 list of jobs for the month of March, it won’t be long before the garden begins to really come alive.

Follow this link for the Top 10 list plus lots of other gardening advice from RHS.

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