Festive Frenzy


  • Brand new research shows cash strapped Brits are already dreading the festive season
  • A quarter (25%) of Brits find Christmas more stressful than divorce
  • Cost of the festive season expected to be a massive £700, with over a third (35%) borrowing money to cover the cost
  • Research also reveals the extreme lengths Brits would go for just £50
  • TV Magician Ben Hanlin fills punters’ pockets with free cash using the medium of magic in incredible video released today
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  • A QUARTER of Brits find Christmas more stressful than divorce, brand new figures released today show.

The shocking stats also reveal more than half (56 per cent) of cash-strapped shoppers are dreading black Friday too, with the average cost of the next two month’s festivities coming to a massive £700.

Over a third of Brits (35 per cent) admit they will borrow more than £200 to cover the rising costs, taking over three months on average to pay the debt back. 1 in 6 (16%) won’t have paid back the cost of Christmas until after Easter.

The survey of 2,000 British adults was commissioned by gift card marketplace Zeek, which offers double discounts during the festive period. Zeek buys unwanted gift cards for cash and also sells gift cards from most high street retailers at a reduced cost. This allows consumers to save up to £637 a year and £100 during Black Friday and Christmas.

Zeek teamed up with ITV2 magician Ben Hanlin – famous for tricking former WBA Heavyweight Champion David Haye, Kim Kardashian and singer Ella Eyre – to perform street stunts that filled unsuspecting punters’ pockets with cash (SEE VIDEO). The incredible trickery left Brits in awe as money appeared from nowhere right before their eyes.

Ben also turned invalid and unwanted gift cards into fifty pound notes in front of shocked crowds to demonstrate how easy it is to get free money by using Zeek.

As the most expensive months of the year draw in, the research also revealed the extreme lengths we’d be willing to go to get an extra bit of cash.

A quarter (25 per cent) of us would be willing to let our partners check our phones for just £50, while 31% would be willing to go make up free and 1 in 10 (10 per cent) would shave their head for that price.

We’re also willing to ditch alcohol (11 per cent), kiss a stranger (15 per cent) or dance like a chicken (34 per cent). Four per cent were even willing to give up sex.

But at least the findings showed we are a loyal bunch, with only 2 per cent willing to give up their best friend’s secrets for £50, and less than 1 per cent willing to ditch their partner or call their ex.

Key research findings also showed it’s not only Christmas that sends us into meltdown, 1 in 10 (11 per cent) of those surveyed said the pressure to buy products during Black Friday sales sends their blood pressuring soaring.

Half (50 per cent) revealed they couldn’t stand battling through crowds – yet 32 per cent said despite this they would brave the manic shopping sprees for fear of missing out on a deal.

Some 84 per cent admitted to giving presents they had bought at a reduced price, with an average spend of £194 expected during Black Friday alone.

Ben said: “I’ve played tricks on Kim Kardashian and the mighty David Haye, but these tricks were designed to show Brits there are easier ways to enjoy free money, and show how much they could save by being savvier with their shopping. Using Zeek is a no brainer as we embark on the most expensive time of the year.”

In a further twist, punters were asked what they would be prepared to do for £50.

A quarter (25 per cent) would readily have their partner check their mobile phone, 31 per cent would go make up free and ten per cent would give up alcohol for a year.

Even four per cent were prepared to give up sex.

Daneil Zelkind, Co-founder of Zeek comments, “We know how easy it is for the costs to stack up at this time of year. Black Friday and Christmas can play havoc on our bank accounts and leave many people feeling stressed and anxious. We’ve really enjoyed bringing a bit of light entertainment to shoppers and using the medium of magic to show how easy it is to get free money using Zeek.”

The findings come alongside new data released by Zeek, Europe’s biggest gift card marketplace, which shows Brits could save a massive £10 this Black Friday and Christmas period by gaining double discounts on items through buying discounted gift cards.

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