The Best Tech Trends of 2017

The Best Tech Trends Of 2017

There are huge improvements in the tech world that are expected year in year out. Huge tech companies have gone out of their way to come up with unique innovations and improvements of the existing technology with the aim of offering quality services to users. Some of the best trends of 2017 include:

More OLEDs

When you think of TV, there are many types in terms of quality. Big companies like LG have made it in the market by a large scale after coming up with high quality TVs. However, OLEDs have been thought to trend in 2017 with reputable companies like Sony being rumored to work side by side with LG to produce OLED TVs. This will see OLEDs making a huge impression in the tech market. Play free slots for real money with no deposit required. Enjoy cash back rewards even when you lose and take advantage of the many loyalty bonuses in store.

Smart home 

Tech companies such as Amazon have made it possible for people to have smart homes. For example, you are able to control your electronics, at home, remotely. This is enabled through high tech apps integrated into your home electronic appliances. Google has joined the bandwagon and this will cause a buzz in the market for smart homes. With two huge tech companies gracing the market and giving it a go ahead, it is no doubt that it is a trend worth watching out for.

Artificial intelligence

Google has been able to integrate artificial intelligence into the system at home. This means that the system itself does what you want. It figures out what you want through Google search and carries out the command on its own. This will be a cool thing for smart homes as you can let the system manage your electronics at home remotely without necessarily initiating a command. Artificial intelligence technology by Google will bring that kind of flexibility making life easier. Get all the top Star Spin slot games from IGT software developer. Play on your Smartphone and enjoy the games while still on the move.

Cyber security

Big and small companies are in dire need of security when it comes to the internet. With recent attacks by hackers using viruses introduced into the system, cyber security is thought to be a big thing in 2017. Reputable cyber security companies are expected to come up with more sophisticated antiviruses that critically analyze malicious software in an intelligent manner. This will help to identify the virus, find out what it is doing and then get rid of it.

Smart cars

In the modern days, people have already seen cars driving themselves which is really awesome. There is room for improvement where you can actually talk to your car when you get home. This will increase the capability of what cars can do as more innovations come up on how to upgrade a car and make it smarter. This, however, may be a futuristic trend.


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